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Uniform Requirements

Bethany School Uniforms will stay the same this year:  White or Navy Blue collared shirts with the Bethany Logo and khacki/tan or navy blue uniform bottoms. In order to obtain uniforms, parents can do the following:

  1. Uniform shorts, pants, or skirts can be purchased from anywhere that sells uniforms, including Target, Walmart, etc.
  2. Polo shirts embroidered with the Bethany School Logo can be either navy blue, tan, or white with a collar. Purchases can be made from the following:
  3. Purchase your own blue or white polo shirt and have it embroidered by Soccer City, which can be found on 3050 Woodruff Ave, Long Beach, CA 90808 or call (562) 420-6805.  This is a quick and affordable way to have Bethany polos stitched. 
  4. Usually once per year in August, PTF holds a “gently used” uniform exchange/sale here at school.  Stay tuned for dates and times.